The Ultimate Guide to Beacon IoT Use Cases

The Ultimate Guide to Beacon IoT Use Case

The Ultimate Guide to Beacon IoT Use Cases

Looking for the best beacon IoT use cases for your business? We’ve compiled this ultimate guide to IoT use cases in your industry to get you started.
The new era of industry and Industrial IoT is about efficiency and deep automation. Whether you’re in hospitality, logistics, healthcare, or manufacturing, BLE beacons will change the way you do business. Modern solutions will expedite and simplify processes while also raising expectations.

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Beacon IoT Use Cases Are About to “Go Bananas”

The beacon has become increasingly popular in recent years, but it has not yet blown up. Companies like Coca Cola and Virgin Airlines are pioneering the way, but exponentially more businesses are seeing the value in such IoT use cases each day. When will we finally see change?

” A lot of things are going to happen. We are going to grow and grow, but it will not go bananas. We will go bananas in 2017/2018.” Steve Statler, industry expert and author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacon System

Innovative managers are already implementing beacon pilots and infrastructures. Soon, business models will shift to include connected infrastructures, and it will only become more difficult for non-beaconized enterprises to keep up. What’s the next step for beacons? How will this fragmented industry make the jump to core business technology? Statler weighs in:

“I think the questions companies in the industry need to ask themselves is ‘how do we make it easier to enter the market?’ From my perspective, it is all about deployment, services, and network. We need to provide the end customer with solutions.”


Beacons are being used in several practical IoT use cases

There are several IoT use cases available to businesses. The only challenge is finding the best one. That’s why we talked to navigation companies like Jibestream and Pointr to find out how modern firms are really using their beacon technology. The results were beacon solutions for almost every kind of enterprise. Some of the most popular beacon IoT use cases included:

Beacon IoT Use cases in one white paper

  • Asset Tracking
  • Data generation
  • Employee and asset monitoring
  • Marketing
  • Resource Optimization
  • Safety and Security

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Real World Beacon IoT Use Cases

Beacons may have started in retail, but many modern companies are using the technology for much more. Their opportunities in marketing continue to dominate headlines, but that’s only the beginning. For Elite-ID, beacons offered a powerful attendance tracking solution at half the cost of alternatives.

  • In manufacturing, beacons are offering superb asset tracking capabilities. They can show exact asset positioning and historical data.
  • In property management, beacons are helping cut down on utility costs. They’re also making buildings smarter and helping managers better utilize space.
  • In healthcare, beacons are cutting down on the massive wasted cost of misplaced tools. 30% of nurses spend over an hour looking for equipment. Beacons are changing that.

Managers of all kinds, can benefit from employee tracking and mapping in order to better manage staffing decisions.

IoT use cases for every vertical

We compiled all the best beacon IoT use cases for major verticals and put them together in this handy, easy-to-read white paper. Plus, we’ve also got in-depth interviews with industry movers Steve Stadtler and Szymon Niemczura. Download the white paper to get their insights on topics like the future of the beacon industry and solution providers, the role of Bluetooth in the Internet of Things, and favorite applications.

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