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German IT and consulting service provider T-Systems is one of Europe’s oldest IT companies.

Founded in 2000, T-Systems has served several major brands and employees over 46,000 people across 20 countries. They offer several high tech solutions and have recently begun integrating beacons into their toolkit. Kontakt.io Beacons were used to upgrade the T-Systems Customer Experience Management solution. T-Systems’ beacon solutions seek to digitize the economy, using data analysis and connectivity as major drivers for opportunity.

T-Systems’ beacon-based solution is already in place in several locations. It can be found at innovative dealerships like the Audi Center Stuttgart and multi-brand dealership Tölke & Fischer.

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Technology Drives Dealership Customer Experience

Car buyers don’t want slick salesman. They want data. They want information. This can be tough for dealerships–but it doesn’t have to. Download our whitepaper to find out why.

Automotive dealerships are changing. Customers want only the best prices and experience. As a result, up to 50% of a dealership’s customers will switch dealers once their warranty expires. T-Systems’ is rolling out this beacon-based solution to combat churn and keep customers happy. By using beacons, T-Systems offers:

Data generation

Optimized customer experience

Digital information sharing

Showroom Proximity


The T-Systems CEM app can be easily configured in just a few clicks, making it readily adaptable to new environments and settings. Digital information such as product descriptions and features, prices, financing options, pictures, brochures, or videos can be uploaded to the app. This data can be stored and recalled at any time.

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