Proximity Studio, powered by, provides consulting services to bring beacon technology to innovative businesses around the globe. The world’s largest beacon vendor in 2015, has served over 17,000 business clients across 120 countries. We are shaping proximity technology. Let us make your next project cutting edge.

Beacon solutions can offer the following benefits:

Asset tracking

Indoor navigation

Push notifications

Data generation

Added security

Beacons offer benefits to every major industry including:


Each of our programs includes tailor-made workshops to ensure that you get the most out of your beacon project. Proximity Studio will support your next project with valuable industry knowledge and connections. Whether you are exploring new revenue stream possibilities or pushing to deploy your next POC, Proximity Studio can assess and strengthen your project.

Proximity Studio can support your business through:

  • Education
  • Use case discovery
  • Technology evaluations
  • IoT-based business strategies
  • Cost and risk assessments
  • POC planning and roll-out

Let industry leaders support your digital transformation.

Our three primary consulting programs are tailor-made to ensure that you get the most out of your beacon project. Whether you are looking to leverage beacon technology to generate new revenue streams or are pushing to deploy your latest POC, Proximity Studio has valuable insights to make your next project superior.


Locate the best proximity technology opportunities for your business.


Evaluate the exact technical needs of your next beacon project.


Deploy your next beacon-based POC and receive high-level feedback.