Beacon IoT Consulting Services


Beacon IoT Consulting Services entered the beacon space in 2013 and has been a world leader ever since. They have served over 17,000 business clients across 120 countries. The world’s biggest beacon vendor in 2015, has the resources to make an enterprise’s infrastructure not just pop, but sizzle. That is why they are unveiling their new online-to-offline platform: Proximity Studio.

It takes an average of 9 months for businesses to get a beacon plan in place. That is too long.
Proximity Studio wants to take that down to a few short weeks.

Bluetooth beacons are already in use by major companies like McDonald’s and Carrefour. Yet, the beacon industry is also more fragmented than ever. Hardware, software, and service providers all operate in different circles and can be difficult to wrangle. That is precisely why we believe infrastructure providers are the missing puzzle piece both within companies and the beaconsphere. We need beacon solutions that help enterprises put beacon technology into action. We need the bridges from idea to POC to deployment. That is why is opening Proximity Studio, the world’s first Beacon Showroom and complete beacon IoT consulting service provider.

The World’s First Beacon Showroom

Proximity Studio’s strategic location in Kreuzberg, Berlin, houses the world’s first Beacon Showroom, giving visitors the chance to test beacon solutions first-hand. The space supports up to one hundred unique solutions for different industries. Solutions from global brands such as T-systems, Proxama,, Favendo, Xponia, Navigine, and MENU Technologies are already available for testing.

Beacon solutions can provide businesses with:

– Asset tracking
– Indoor navigation
– Push notification capabilities
– Data generation
– Added security

Beacon technology can seem highly conceptual and difficult to visualize; we want to make it real. We want to give businesses a solid understanding of what beacons can really do in order to foster better beacon-based business models and strategies.

Proximity Studio unviels world's first Beacon Showroom

Empowering Firms Through Beacon IoT Consulting Services

Despite technological developments, there seems to be a high investment risk in beacon solutions, and executives often have difficulty gauging ROI and establishing healthy beacon practices. In this scenario, there is nothing more valuable than first-hand experience. has worked with firms spanning every vertical. Proximity Studio leverages that knowledge to bring firms insider knowledge and best practices through consulting opportunities.

Proximity Studio can support your business through:

– Beacon education
– Use case discovery
– Technology evaluations
– IoT-based business strategies
– Cost and risk assessments
– POC planning

Learn more about how Proximity Studio can find the best use case for your particular business, evaluate and outline your next project’s exact technical requirements, and deploy a highly-effective POC.

Driving the Industry Through the Thought Leadership Program

Furthermore, our Thought Leadership Program consists of white papers, in-depth articles, and industry content created to educate innovative managers and businesses. Firms need the right information in order to innovate. They need insight ranging from influential and creative use cases to technical troubleshooting. We aim to gather all the necessary information and relevant industry insights to get newcomers up-to-speed and keep seasoned beacon veterans informed.

Today beacons are misunderstood, explains Szymon Niemczura, CEO. Most businesses think of them as retail tools for sending coupons. Proximity Studio is our new channel for educating the market on how businesses can leverage BLE devices across different markets including logistics, workspace management, and healthcare.

Carefully planned and executed beacon infrastructures are the future of the IoT revolution and Industry 5.0. Proximity Studio wants to move the beacon industry forward by helping firms implement the best infrastructures possible.
Want to visit the world’s first Beacon Showroom? Or learn what beacons can do for your next project? Shoot us an email and let’s see what we can do!