ELLE Revitalizes Retail Technology with Beacons

ELLE revitalizes retail technology with beacons (Image: Ken Hawkins)

ELLE Revitalizes Retail Technology with Beacons

Beacons aren’t entirely new to the retail technology toolkit, but ELLE’s great success proves they’re far more useful than previously thought. This white paper examines their methods, results, and future possibilities.

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ELLE has been in the magazine business for decades. They’ve been keen to not just be on top of the fashion world but to keep up with cutting edge retail technology. They were even the first magazine to reach Google Glass. Now, they’ve proven that beacon technology is a must-have tool for retailers. And the results back it up:

ELLE drove 21,000 in-store visits with beacons.

ELLE outfitted a total of 803 locations with beacons that went live with the launch of ELLE’s September 2015 edition. They worked with several popular brands including Barnes & Noble and Guess. The magazine partnered with ShopAdvisor to send deals to app users based on their location. This involved much more than general promotions.

Make Smarter Offers

The campaign also leveraged data to target customers based on their previous activity. If you viewed and saved one of this season’s new Vince Camuto bags online, the app will let you know when it’s just around the corner. Instead of blasting every phone with every offer, ads were carefully crafted to fit the user. And it worked.

In just five weeks, the program resulted in 8.5% of shoppers visiting a participating store. That’s 10,000% better than the typical mobile advertising program.

“The Shop Now! With ELLE program proves the vast potential of providing premium native content at the right frequency at the right location,” says Scott Cooper, Founder and President of ShopAdvisor. “The key to the success of the program is in the combination of influential content from a top magazine with promotional offers from top retailers, and a deep understanding of when & how to deliver messaging to the consumer.”

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Combining Proximity with Editorial

ELLE also leveraged its role as an influencer to make a difference for brands. When a local manager says their products are popular and fashionable, it means very little to shoppers. ELLE, however, can focus on bringing good products to the forefront–and shoppers and know it, they even used 360 cameras. Readers know ELLE plays a role in the fashion world and places much higher value on their editorial opinion.

The Shop Now! With ELLE campaign was much more than proof that the concept works. It’s proof that beacons can revolutionize expectations. ELLE crushed open rates, engagement, and revenue expectations. Customers tuned in and found real value in getting all their ELLE editorial in their real-world shopping experience. While past retail technology was confined to SMS, vague emails, or blanket offers and promotions, beacons allow proximity to drive interaction. This has turned out to be a key ingredient in converting almost-buys to full baskets.

Learn how the magazine played it smart to drive incredible returns with beacons and how their success can benefit your next advertising campaign.

Cover Image: Ken Hawkins