The Proximity Studio is Kontakt.io’s offline-to-online partner platform connecting BLE beacon solution providers to businesses interested in understanding, exploring and buying global solutions.


The beacon ecosystem is growing exponentially. By 2020, it will reach 400 million units. The industry, however, is fragmented and difficult to maneuver. Firms are often unable to grasp the full capabilities, requirements, and impact of beacon-based solutions in their field.


Our team of dedicated Solution Architects combine cutting edge resources and use cases with business acumen to aid key decision makers in finding the right beacon-based solution. Leveraging our online and offline portals, we provide the resources to integrate proximity technology quickly and have already worked with brands around the globe.

Leveraging our position as beacon industry leaders, Proximity Studio has created a network of innovative businesses and solution providers. We bring together all parts of the beacon technology chain in order to establish beneficial business partnerships and mold the future of the industry.

Proximity Studio consulting offers insight for every stage of development and acts as your personal interface to market knowledge. Our team of industry specialists will expedite POC projects, offer high-level insight on beacon-based initiatives, and assess the technical feasibility of new projects.

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