Personalized consulting to determine the exact technical needs of your next beacon project.

Technological Evaluation

Do not waste time and resources catching up. You only need 10 days to evaluate your beacon use case.

10xTechnology is a 10-day program designed to examine and detail the exact technical requirements of your proposed beacon-based project.

Beginning with the basics and digging into exact details, Proximity Studio will ensure that your business is ready for proximity technology. Let us evaluate your project, examine compatibilities, weaknesses, outline system requirements, and offer concrete next steps for your use case.

Understand BLE beacons and relevant technologies

Uncover new business opportunities through beacons

Pinpoint technical specifications and cost requirements

Evaluate hardware, deployment, and maintenance needs

Receive high-level project feedback

Identify valuable collaborators and partnerships


Million Beacons by 2020


industries using beacons


Days for Decision Making

10xTechnology outlines your project’s technological needs

Receive high-level technical feedback on your project, its technical feasibility, and requirements.

Proximity standards have evolved quickly, making it difficult for decision makers to evaluate individual use cases and new value creation opportunities. As proximity technology grows, modern businesses will be forced to adopt a connected infrastructure in order to keep up. Let industry insider Proximity Studio evaluate your next proximity-based project and optimize it for success.

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