Personalized consulting to locate the best proximity technology opportunities for your business.

Opportunity Evaluation

Companies take an average of 9 months to evaluate their proximity options. Let us cut that down to 10 days.

10xBusiness is a 10-day consulting program designed to locate the most promising beacon technology solutions for your business.

Once we understand your business needs, Proximity Studio will research and shortlist the best possible use cases for you, assessing total costs and defining possible success metrics.

We then work with you to handcraft a new beacon-based business plan, offering guidance each step of the way. We will also support you by assessing risks and establishing best practices.

Identify how beacons can address your needs

Receive hand-selected use cases

Develop and articulate your next proximity strategy

Receive clear insight and next steps

Outline options for long-term scalability

Identify valuable collaborators and partnerships


Million Beacons by 2020


industries using beacons


Days for Decision Making

10xBusiness is designed to eliminate risk and wasted resources.

Let Proximity Studio find the best beacon use case for your business.

Major brands are preparing for proximity technology and even more are looking to implement their own beacon infrastructures. The technology, however, is evolving rapidly. It can be extremely difficult for time-pressed decision makers to fully evaluate opportunities and challenges. Use our expertise to find the perfect solution in record time. Find out how to measure success, allocate investments, and locate prospective new revenue streams.

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