Xponia: The Complete Museum Solution

Unveil Treasures With Technology

Xponia solution strengths

Multilingual information

Indoor navigation

Drives returns

Easy-to-use interface

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Museum solution provider Xponia is changing the way visitors experience museums.

Based in Switzerland, Xponia’s solutions have proven invaluable to museums of all kinds. They’ve been used in several locations including the popular Verkehrshaus Transport Museum in Switzerland which sees 700,000 visitors each year.

The Xponia solution upgrades museums and brings them into the modern age. With Xponia’s app, museums can communicate digitally, in more languages, and with more opportunities for interactivity than ever before.

Xponia has already worked with the Hungarian National Gallery and IIM Museum of Applied Arts. Even the 480 square-meter EOM Lutheran Museum in Budapest has been outfitted with beacons for interactivity and indoor navigation.

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Can Smart Apps Jumpstart Museum Marketing and Visitor Experience?

74% of MoMa visitors bring a mobile device with them to the museum.
What does that mean for smaller museums? How can curators compete with technology? Find out from our whitepaper!

Modern museums are at a crossroads. Visitors are online and on their phones, and it is only becoming harder to unplug. Xponia wants to fight Candy Crush and Netflix with technology. Importantly, Xponia isn’t just adding technology to the mix; they’re taking full advantage of it. Beacons offer the chance to engage with customers in a beneficial way.

Beacons are changing museums by making them more interactive. By attaching beacons to exhibits or in other strategic locations, Xponia helps customers in many ways. The Xponia solutions offers:


A complete museum-specific app

New methods for customer engagement

Digital information sharing

Insights through data

XPONIA provides museums with their own customized Museum Guide app. Visitors can use this guide as an engaging, exciting new tool to learn more about galleries. With digital wayfinding they can navigate the building and find selected exhibits easily.

Xponia lets the museum create guided tours as well as quizzes and other multimedia content tailored to the visitor’s age and interest. Xponia’s mobile museum app embraces the whole museum experience, giving visitors a memorable museum visit and providing museums with a powerful marketing tool and content management in one simple solution.

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