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Insurance firms


OnYourMap, based in Switzerland and France, was founded in 1997 to design and develop indoor and outdoor location solutions for businesses. Its technology is available worldwide for partners and resellers.

Our indoor solution, Goindoor, includes a powerful SDK that offers localization, navigation and notification as well as Point of Interest management and tracking.

Our robust Fleet & Asset Management web application, Eagle, includes an intuitive, search-centric interface. Its modular approach ensures advanced personalization capabilities. It also provides maximum visibility for your assets.

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Technology Drives Dealership Customer Experience

Car buyers don’t want slick salesman. They want data. They want information. This can be tough for dealerships–but it doesn’t have to. Download our whitepaper to find out why.

OnYourMap uses location intelligence to address the needs of business in several different areas including machine to machine, the Internet of Things, web and mobile services.

OnYourMap allows firms to capture, organize, search, and visualize unlimited quantities of data from a multitude of sensors in real-time.

The solution can be used for:


Indoor navigation

Fleet management


Push notifications

The lobby of the glassed-in office building

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