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Conichiwa is a proximity solution provider that aims to make the physical world more interactive. Building sound technology for real-life applications, Conichiwa’s core SDKs offer real-time recognition, push-notifications, location-independent payments, and data analysis. All of this can be seamlessly integrated into existing apps. Conichiwa offers support from ideation to implementation to make the best of each business’s individual beacon use case.

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Technology Drives Dealership Customer Experience

Car buyers don’t want slick salesman. They want data. They want information. This can be tough for dealerships–but it doesn’t have to. Download our whitepaper to find out why.

Conichiwa is well-known for their Hotel App, which helps hotels connect with their visitors and create the most memorable visitor experience possible. Conichiwa boasts over 300 partners with a reach of over 20,000,000 guests.
The technology is in use in hotels across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and is set to be deployed in France, Netherlands, USA and China.

The solution can be used for:


Mobile payment

Push notifications

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